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What Is Health Coaching And
How Can It Work For You?

Health coaching is a combination of coaching and mentoring with the aim of inspiring and guiding clients to define and reach their personal health and wellness goals.  Health Coaches have specialist knowledge and training in health and nutrition to assist and guide  you to start your journey to create 'Chapter 1' of your new life. Health Coaches support you to overcome barriers and limiting beliefs and hold you accountable for your actions. This personalised approach assists clients to take back control of their health and regain positive lifestyle habits to reward themselves with the vitality for life that they desire. 

Things my clients could not do or missed doing before coaching that now brings them joy:

  • Increased energy has enabled clients to do more exercise and get outdoors. Play with their grandchildren while giving mom a break.  Walk their pets. Plan more active holidays.

  • Improved sleep has clients coping better, resuming old hobbies and being creative.

  • Losing weight has improved self-esteem and confidence.  Clients now fit into clothes that they have not worn for ages.

  • Less brain fog has helped with concentration, focus and making better decisions.

  • Improved mood has meant more effective communication

  • Stable blood pressure has led to reduced medication and more energy for clients

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