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Personalised Health And Lifestyle Coaching Packages

 Coaching online using Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype and Teams

Stress Management

Is stress affecting your energy, immune system, mood and general wellbeing as you age? Has life got in the way and do you need to take back control? Are you tired of setting goals and not achieving them and finding it hard to make the necessary changes?   This package is for you if you need guidance on reducing stress, gaining optimum nutrition for your mind and nourishment for your body.

Package includes:
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Optimal Weight

Do you need to get your health back on track? Are you finding it hard to make the changes needed to address your health issues and lack motivation and coaching support to guide you to reach your health goals?  If you are looking to lose weight, regain energy and deal with unwanted health symptoms, this package is for you. You will learn how to create healthy sustainable habits that suit your lifestyle.  This package focuses on a 7-day weight loss booster to get you started, all important blood sugar balancing, reducing cravings, optimal nutrition, managing ageing, body image and much more. 

Package includes:
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Complete Health & Energy

This package is for you if you want to regain your energy and health.  You are busy and struggle to prioritise your health and need consistent personal support with a sustainable solution.  The package includes nutritional advice as well as personal coaching and mentoring amongst other things to help you get to the cause of what has held you back in the past. You will be motivated and focused to achieve your health goals while being accountable for your actions. 

Package includes:

 Rates are based on personalised package choice starting from €260.

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